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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Looking Forward

I have found that I have stopped listening to music for the sake of just listening to music. It became quantity over quality and I was in a hurry to get it out in front of people instead of soaking it in. So, I have stepped away from the blog for awhile.

I am rethinking if and how I want to keep it going. The bottom line is I love sharing new or obscure music with others. This has been a good avenue for that passion and I'm pretty sure I don't want to give that up. I might just change the format.

I also have a radio show on once a month. It is a special music edition to the show In Other Words. It features women artists and I have been able to share many of my favorites that wouldn't get air time on main stream radio. It is usually the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 10:30 PM MST. Tune in if you get a chance.

Meanwhile, check out the top 25 I shared earlier this year. Many of them would have made my end of year list if I had compiled one.

I hope to be back soon sharing howling good tunes with you. My hope is that it can be more interactive, I really want to know what you are listening too as well--what artists, songs or albums you just can't stop listening to.

Happy 2013.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Catching up on 2012

I had planned on a Top 25 so far list but truly I am repeatedly listening 
to at least that many of this year's releases. In no particular order, I offer up 
to you my favorites for the first half of 2012. They range from my predictable 
singer/songwriter, alt-country/Americana to all out pop. 

There are a lot of really good artists putting out some really good 
albums--not just songs for a hit but actual albums that should stand the test of time.

I hope you like some of these and are inspired enough to support the artist 
by purchasing their album.

                                                           Fun. – Some Nights


                                         Vintage Trouble – The Bomb Shelter Sessions

                                           Nick Waterhouse – Time’s All Gone



                       Yellow Ostrich – Strange Land 

John Fullbright – From the Ground Up                                


                                      Silversun Pickups – Neck of the Woods


                                                   Brandi Carlile 

        Alabama Shakes

                             Neal Casal – Sweeten the Distance

                                               Rose Cousins – We Have Made A Spark

All My Lovely Goners


                                                                         Heartless Bastards – Arrow


      Justin Townes Earle – Nothing’s Gonna Change How You Feel About Me Now